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Teresa Farrington is the owner of Caricature Creations by the Okie Artist. Teresa began her career in Las Vegas but now contracts her work out of her studio in southeastern Oklahoma-right in tornado alley!

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As a freelance artist Teresa incorporates computer digital technology, hand painting, and airbrush skills in her work. She has been spinning her pencil on caricatures since she was just a little dust devil. Teresa spun into action working professionally as a caricature artist in 1995 while living in Las Vegas. She worked for Fasen Arts at Excalibur and MGM from 1995-1997. In 1997 Teresa opened her own caricature concession at Fremont Experience in Las Vegas. Currently residing in Poteau, Oklahoma she has earned the title of “Okie Artist”. Teresa Farrington is the Official Oklahoma State Caricature Artist as designated by Oklahoma Congress in March of 2005.

She’ll blow you away with hilarious illustrations of your guests as she draws up a storm spinning around the room with her pencil in hand.

Currently booking Colleges, Conventions, Corporate Special Events, Company picnics, Grad parties, Weddings, "stress busters" and more. The Okie Artist’s gift caricatures framed, or on mugs, mouse pads, magnetic signs, and tee shirts are always a hit for a special gift.

Artist of choice for the Arkansas Oklahoma fair five consecutive years,
Nominee for Oklahoma Business Woman of the year 2002.
Secretary of the National Caricature Network 2003.

You can also contact the Okie Artist for Children's book illustrations, illustrations for your business advertising, wall murals, and watercolor paintings. Call right away to book the Okie Artist for your special event!

For additional information, please Contact the Okie Artist.

Among other cities, Caricature Creations by The Okie Artist may serve the following -Nationwide areas: Washington, Houston, New York, Dallas, Springfield, Sacramento, Miami, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Kansas City, San Antonio, Austin, Philadelphia, Columbus, Chicago, Charlotte, Portland, San Diego, Denver, El Paso, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Birmingham, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Memphis, Saint Louis, Albany, Cincinnati.


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