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caricature creations by The Okie Artist.


  • Hire a Tornado to draw up a Storm!
  • It's Fun! It's affordable! There's just nothing like a caricature artist to liven up the dullest of affairs!
  • Using graphite and airbrush, The Okie Artist™ will blow you away with her creative and hilarious talents! She puts a real spin on the party as she draws up a storm of laughter and good times.
  • Whether spinning around the room with pencil in hand or touched down at her drawing table blowing a whirlwind of color with her airbrush, The Okie Artist™ is sure to be a direct hit.
  • Now Booking caricature entertainment and Demo workshops.
  • Contact The Okie Artist™ for Corporate Events, Conventions, Trade shows, Schools & Universities, Graduations, Church Events, Company Picnics, & more.
  • Also available for illustrating Children's Books and magazines.

Teresa Farrington aka The Okie Artist™ is a member of 
a_ncnThe National Caricature Network
and was awarded the title of Official Oklahoma State Caricature Artist as designated by Oklahoma Congress in March of 2005.

Caricature Creations by The Okie Artist™ features Caricatures,
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